Condominium And Apartments Developments In Jomtien


AbaTalay Condominium ใน จอมเทียน 

AbaTalay Condominium is a 9-storey development is located in soi Chaiyapreuk. Price starts at only 30.000 Baht per square meter. Prices from as little as 699.000 Baht sounds too good to be true. 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 December 2015

Acqua Condominium Pattaya ใน จอมเทียน 

Acqua Condominium is designed on elegant concept, stunning with unique designed building expressing Modern simplicity Resort. We realize on a quality, modern and private society with only 309 units to full fill all lifestyles for every family. With perfect functions, it's designed to complete interior and exterior space surrounded by seaside ambiance ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 December 2015

Amazon Residence Pattaya คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

Amazon Residence Jomtien, is born as the result of the wishes,requirements and recommendations by the buyers of our previous projects rather than that of the developer and includes all of the prerequisite needs and wants of the customer according to the latest marketing researches. In Amazon Condominium the fully furnished one and two bedroom apartments ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 31 December 2015

Angket คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

Sample condominium: 55 sq.m. on the 12th floor. Bedroom, marble bathroom, living room, European kitchen, tiled floor, air conditioned and ceiling fans, TV, DVD, fully furnished & decorated, large balcony, sea views.Bt2.5 million 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 July 1994

Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya ใน จอมเทียน 

Low cost high quality fully furnished, 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums, 35 and 70 sqm. Situated in spectacular lush tropical resort style landscaped gardens, with the largest swimming pool in Pattaya, at 2,600sqm, which includes, natural waterfalls, underwater aquarium, sloped beach style pool edge, five Jacuzzis, water canons, there's a children's play ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 December 2014

Avatara Condominium ใน จอมเทียน 

Description: The top floor features a spa, swimming pool, fitness gym and sky garden beside the pool and jacuzzi-area. Unlike high-rise condominiums, The Avatara offers a more informal residence, trendy but practical, a “fusion of elegance and excellence” as the sales literature puts it. The apartments include built-in kitchen, air-conditioners, sanitary-fittings ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 July 2009

Baan Suan Lalana คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

A relatively old but extensive gated private resort complex. Baan Suan Lalana has swift easy access to Sukhumvit Road. A very popular condominium in Jomtien. Sample studios (42 sq.m) Bt1.25 -1.7 million; one bedroom (81 sq.m) Bt3.2 million. 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 July 1991

Beach 7 Condominium ใน จอมเทียน 

luxurious affordable option to own a holiday home in the strongest emerging market,well it’s cheaper to buy than to rent at the moment cheapest price with beachfront location FINANCE BEST  
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 November 2015

Blue Lagoon Condominium ใน จอมเทียน 

location just off soi chaiphreuk ,next to beach mountain condominium 2 x 8 storey buildings ,285 units ,27 sq mtrs ,35 sq mtrs ,45 sq mtrs 2 x 50 mtr long pools with jacuzzi ,gym ,sauna ,steam room all next to the pool ,look at pool whilst in gym direct access to pool from ground floor units ,balconies have gated access lifts have views to the ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 June 2015

Casa Jomtien คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

sample 43 sq.m studio for rent on the 3rd floor. bedroom, bathroom, European kitchen (washing machine) tiled floor, cable TV, DVD, telephone, air conditioned, fully furnished and decorated, Bt 17,000 Baht per month. 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 September 2006

Cetus Beachfront Pattaya คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

Cetus is Pattaya's newest beachfront condominium development by the team behind APUS, Pattaya's premier inner-city development. We are announcing Cetus in Jomtien early as a project to watch for in the coming season as a value leader and will proudly offer it for sale in the coming season. Expected launch date for sales is August 27th. 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 December 2014

Chateau Dale คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

A very attractive tropical resort development consisting of three condominium buildings in a rectangular pattern located around a central pool. Quiet and tranquil. Each unit is furnished to very high standards and features a full kitchen, cable television and air-conditioning. 10 min. walk to Jomtien Beach and 5 min. to Dongtan Beach, close to public ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 July 1995

Chateau Dale Thai Bali คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

a unique and privately owned complex, the resort was designed around four V-shaped, low rise towers with a focal point based on the central pool. This oval-style layout provides maximum sunlight throughout the day and the benefit of an evening breeze. Each building has been fitted with its own lift and electronic card and camera identity phone entry ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 August 2003

Coconut Beach คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

One the area's most well established condominium buildings in a good location to access Jomtien’s beach and amenities; considered a good investment. Sample condominium: 254 sq.m, spacious, four bedrooms with excellent sea views. A newly renovated unit finished to European standards, 50 sq.m balcony: Bt12.6 million. 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 July 1990

Dusit Grand Condo View ใน จอมเทียน 

The Dusit Grand Condo View - new 36-storey project is located in Jomtien Pattaya. All apartments are sold completely finished, equipped with air conditioning. Pre-sale of The Dusit Grand Condo View will start in October 2011.  
สร้างเสร็จ :: 31 December 2016

Dusit Grand Park คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

Dusit Grand Park condo resort project . It is a place that will make you feel like a vacation resort. New project of residential complex near Jomtien Beach is eight-six buildings surrounding a huge multi-level lagoon pool with water attractions, sundecks, relaxation areas. It offers residents luxurious tropical garden, fitness center, clubhouse, parking, ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 December 2016

Fifth Jomtien Residence คอนโดมิเนียม ใน จอมเทียน 

The Fifth Jomtien is an almost complete Thai-Contemporary style with boutique condominium development of residential and rented apartments, divided 50/50. Located strategically next to Pattaya Immigration Offices, a stone’s throw away from Jomtien Beach, it is proving very popular among Bangkok Thais. Apartments come in six different configurations ... 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 November 2010

Grand Condotel Jomtien ใน จอมเทียน 

One of Jomtien’s longest established, most sought after and most prestigious properties, consisting of both the condominium buildings and villas. Re-sale prices have remained high and new properties on the market tend to be sold quickly. Sample condo: 140 sq.m 2 bedrooms, Euro kitchen, fully furnished. 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 November 1988

Hargone Condotel ใน จอมเทียน 

Building recently refurbished. Sample studio – 32 sq.m Bt700,000; 1 bedrooms 64 sq.m Bt.1.75 million; 2 bedrooms, 64 sq.m, 2 bathrooms, dimmer lights, kitchen, tiled floor, 2 A/C, 2 fans, Bt1.8 million 
สร้างเสร็จ :: 01 August 1990

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